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Birthday Wish List

I am going to reach my mid-twenties in T-minus five days. If all goes to plan then the next year of my life is going to bring a lot of new experiences and adventures as I become a wife, move out with my husband, learn to cook and travel. What is not to love about being mid-twenties?

I probably say "I want...X" on a daily basis but truth be told, I don't actually want a lot. Birthdays are all about wants and things that you probably wouldn't buy yourself, not needs that can be satisfied on one of the other 364 days of the year because you don't need an excuse, right?

So I had a think and came up with came up with the list below:

// a new car
It must have
- self parking
- heated seats
- a light that shows up on the side mirrors when a car is in your blind spot
-  more power than a four cylinder
 - a connector to play music from my Samsung Galaxy
- optional: 4WD would be an added bonus after my accident a month or so ago.

// Louis Vuitton Trevi PM or GM (I'm not fussy!)
- I haven't tried this on so I'm not sure if the PM or
GM will suit me better, but I LOVE the look of this
bag in Damier canvas.

// A Weekend Away
-  Somewhere in the country
-  With a fireplace
- Where AK and I can snuggle on the couch with blankets and movies
- Without mobile phones

and for those of you planning on sending a gift I will provide a practical list:
- Parlux 3800 Eco Friendly Supercompact Ceramic Hair Dryer
- Parlux 3800 Finger Diffuser
- statement necklaces
- lipsticks
- a massage

If I get anything off my birthday wish list I can predict which one it will be... so I'll take it in charcoal with cruise control, thanks!

What's on your birthday wish list?

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Thursday, April 26, 2012
One Word To Describe Me? Happy!

So far 2012 has brought many tears, questions about 'why' and immense feelings of sadness, so it's probably hard to understand why I would choose HAPPY to describe myself in one word.

I chose the word happy because despite the loss of my father-in-law, a car accident and the other curveballs that life throws us, I am happy! I am immensely happy!

During the week a friend at word asked why I was so cheerful and I couldn't think of a specific reason except to say 'life'. I feel that I have been blessed with so much that despite everything, it's hard not to be happy. Sure, I still cry a few times a week about my father-in-law W, get stressed about day to day tasks and while I don’t walk around with a smile planted on my face 24/7, overall I think that I have so much to be thankful for that I think the happiness is going to burst out of me.

My love, my best friend, my soul mate and my strength.

 An ongoing source of love, laughter and support, from both my family and AK's.
I am very lucky to work for a great organisation where I enjoy what I do and like the people I work with.

While so far the year has brought great sadness, this is the year I will become a wife and planning our wedding together has been a lot of fun (and hard work) and gives us something positive to look forward to.

The Little Things//
Probably the biggest thing for me is finding happiness in the routine and focusing on the positives in the life. With AK recently starting his new job, this week we started driving to work and walking part of the way together until we have to go our separate ways and I explain how much I love this. On Tuesday morning we walked hand-in-hand in the rain to work and while it means waking up earlier, this little morning car ride and walk to work with AK is the best start to the day I could imagine.

Remembering everything happens for a reason//
We might not know the reason just yet, but there is one.

Being Thankful For What I Have//
Yes I have a wish list of items I want, but I also pay attention to what I do have and remember to be thankful for it. When I had a car accident last week, I was hurt and shaken up, but I focused on giving thanks to my father-in-law W (who I think is my guardian angel) and God, for looking after me. I stopped just before a large electricity pole and know it could have been a lot worse.

I reminisce a lot about good times and great  experiences, but I also remember those nights spent at home cooking, playing games with mine or AK's family and all of those little moments you normally wouldn't think twice about, which are the sweetest moments to me now.

What word would you choose if you had to describe yourself in one word?

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Dakota Fanning


I just LOVE these photos of Dakota.
Classy, beautiful, intelligent.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011
Engagement Shoot Inspiration
Last Saturday AK and I were scheduled to have our engagement photo shoot but, less than a week before, our photographer cancelled. She didn't just cancel for the photo shoot, she cancelled for our wedding too.

I wasn't too upset because I believe everything happens for a reason and know it's definitely for the best. Even though at the time we booked we were very happy with our decision, her actions since have shown that she is obviously less than professional.

In preparation for our engagement shoot I had gathered some inspiration shots, so seeing as they are of no current use to me, I thought I'd share them in case they are useful for others.

And of course some silly ones;


I love some of the engagement/pre-wedding shoots I have seen but I really wanted ours to be more natural and not so staged with props, although we did buy the umbrella in one of the shots above.

Are you having an engagement shoot?